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    Traffic matters can become expensive. On top of fines, professional legal assistance for traffic violations averages $290 per hour. If you use Legal Wheels just once per year, the plan pays for itself.

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    Our service has helped thousands of Participants resolve traffic citations, vehicle repossession and many other vehicle-related legal matters. 

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  • Traffic Tickets, Car Repossession and More

    Legal Wheels covers a wide range of traffic-related legal matters including traffic ticket defense, restoration of driving privileges, document review, lemon law consultation and representation, and vehicle repossession defense.

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  • Easy to Use

    We’ve made Legal Wheels very easy for plan members to use. Simply visit the Members Website, obtain a case number in one click, then connect with an attorney conveniently located near you. 

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A full year of legal protection for just $49.95.

Legal Wheels is a smart, safe investment.

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$79.95 (save 20%!) $127.95 (save 20%!)
3 years
$99.95 (save 33%!)
$159.95 (save 33%!)


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